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The Plant  

Shams Textile Mills is know for using quality raw material and for manufacturing end products that are in keeping with the competitive standard of the industry

Currently there are 3 production facilities:

Shams1 Polyester cotton yarn. (24,960 spindles, capacity 400,000 Kg/month)

Shams2 Knitting and weaving yarn. (22,176 spindles capacity 442,000  Kg/month)

Shams3 Multi count, multi twist and fancy (slub) yarn (12,096 spindles capacity 816,480 Kg/month)

Keeping up to date with market trends is a policy Shams Textile has always adhered to. It is due this policy and the market demand for fancy yarn that Shams has set up an new unit entirely dedicated to the production of these yarns. This well facilitated unit has a capacity of 816,480 Kg/month and produces export quality multi count, multi twist and fancy (slub) yarn.

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